KAKX 89.3FM “Student Powered Radio!”

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KAKX 89.3FM “Student Powered Radio!” is a place where students enrolled at Mendocino High School come to learn about the history, technology, and performing art of radio broadcasting. Over the course of a school year students not only get the opportunity to produce a variety of live/prerecorded content, they learn how to manage a fully powered FM radio station and the business that surrounds it.

Media Lab and Sonar 036

A flagship for the Mendocino High School Multimedia Arts Program, Student Powered Radio not only brings quality programming to the coast and points beyond. It provides a safe and open place for students to express themselves.





On the air 24-hours a day/7-days a week during the school year, KAKX averages 5 to 6 live shows per week and relies on prerecorded programming to fill the rest of the time slots. Looking towards the future, we plan to explore the world of Podcasting and expand our sportscasting coverage at Mendocino High School.

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