A lot of music is digested at Student Powered Radio. Ranging from Contemporary to Oldies, Hip-Hop to Classical, and even stuff that may be considered Avant-Garde.

Below is a list of our current obsessions.

GM Marshall’s Current Obsessions

Still Woozy is bonkers. It’s this blend of Pop, Funk, Electronic, and Low-Fi that’s sure to get you groovin’. Whether you’re relaxing and enjoying the day or need to find some inspirational drive. “Sven” and his solo project will certainly fit the bill for most occasions. This is an example musician in the world of home bedroom studio recording.

This next obsession should be no surprise to the avid listeners of Monday Mornings with Marsh and Coffee with Brown Sugar. BADBADNOTGOOD is and will be an obsession of mine until the end of time. These guys truly push the boundaries of Jazz in ways I personally didn’t think would ever happen. They blend genres with Hip-Hop, Soul, and R&B in ways that make you feel downright amazing. Some of their past work includes their most recent album IV, Sour Soulfeat. Ghostface Killah, and III. Be forewarned, if there was a time in your life where you wanted to be a Jazz Performance major as a young adult. This album will bring up feelings you thought you had walked away from. Enjoy!